This is incredible story of hope and just what can happen when shame and defeat encounter love and hope!  Would you be a champion for “Anita” and others like her and help SET HER FREE?! Give today, #SetHerFree

Lisa's Story #SetHerFree from Engedi Refuge on Vimeo.


Lisa’s” story is unfortunately common, and many more women are depending on Engedi’s program to SET THEM FREE. This dynamic and holistic program gives trafficking survivors the tools they need to succeed. Would you invest in this powerful restoration work today? Help us raise $100,000 by Dec. 31st to make sure women like “Lisa” have the strength to overcome.  


Kelly's Story: #SetHerFree from Engedi Refuge on Vimeo.

Kelly was SET FREE from fear, free from exploitation, and is living free as the strong, confident and successful woman she was always meant to be. Help other women like Kelly be Set Free and move into a life of freedom! Give today and #SetHerFree!

Our Set Her Free year-end campaign is focused on supporting Engedi’s dynamic and holistic program that touches the real needs of every resident and equips them to succeed in life.

Our experienced and professional counselors and teachers offer life-skills and relational health training and mentoring, addiction recovery, trauma therapy, and community reintegration, making Engedi one of the most effective programs in the country for trafficking survivors. The relationships forged through our program help turn victims into survivors, and survivors into over-comers, who are set free to face their fears, conquer challenges, and live courageously.